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Block Three Brewing Company

Bajan Mistress

Bajan Mistress

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This LIMITED EDITION release was daunting in order to try and replicate that Bajan / Trini style mustard base sauce, this is our Tijuana Tom’s hot take on it. We worked hard trying to achieve that bright, vibrant, and rich flavour profile the beloved island pepper sauces bring to the table, so we hooked up with our good friends over at Block 3 Brewing out of St. Jacobs to do just that. 


Tijuana Tom’s x Block 3 Brewing - a carrot and mustard base sauce heated with habanero, reaper, and armageddon super hots. Block 3’s Fickle Mistress Sour Ale for some added depth and acidity. Fragrant aromatics of ginger, turmeric, and chadon beni (culantro). Sweetened with fresh papaya and a cane sugar simple syrup.

Heat Rating: 8/10 

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